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Harness the power of the electron!

Build and bend your own working circuits. A DIY innovation, the kit is a fun and challenging way to get acquainted with the building blocks of electronics. Just plug and play but with the same parts that engineers use!

Like the old Radio Shack Spring Circuits but updated with new teaching styles and real parts.

Hours of fun Discover Electronics kits keep hands and minds occupied for hours of amusement. Our step-by-step illustrated manual and online video lessons easily guides you through 16 challenging projects with ease.

After mastering the basics of real-world circuits with our sample projects, you can rearrange the parts to create your own gadgets again and again. With over 130 parts in the kit, the possibilities are numerous.

Bonding while building The kits are designed for ages 10 and up. Our colorful parts are also irresistible to younger kids, who can join adults for super-charged quality time that’s both fun and educational. Adults can enjoy an afternoon of discovery while introducing DIY concepts to the little ones.

Eco-packaging This kit was redesigned with a paper pulp tray to hold your parts and projects- no plastic boxes needed. All of Sparkle Labs’ packaging is plastic-free and uses recycled paper.

What will I learn? Basic concepts of resistance, capacitance, voltage, and current. basic physics, problem solving skills, how to read schematics, and circuit building,

Used by schools and universities to teach math, electronics, robotics and engineering.