On The Today Show - Papertronics.
Lunar Modules were on the Today Show!.

Discover Arduino Bundle Released - For sale now.
The Arduino Bundle is our Discover Electronics Kit with an Arduino Uno, a USB cable, a cheat sheet, and introductory lessons online.

Discover Electronics - Version 2
Our Discover Electronics Kit has been updated.

Gallery Hanahou - Sparkle Labs retrospective
Sparkle Labs will be showing a wide range of projects in Gallery Hanahou.

NY Maker Faire 2010 - World Science Fair
This is one not to miss.

Detroit Maker Faire - Sparkle Labs goes to Henry Ford
What a great collaboration between the Ford Village and Make.

Hackers on Planet Earth - H.O.P.E
This was our first year to be at the conference but we will definitely be back next year! The illustration above was a QSL card for the conference by Ed Piskor.

Engadget plays with paper toys - Papertronics Vol 1
Papertronics will be releasing in April 2010.

A very fine thing thinks - Discover Electronics is fine
Discover Electronics gets tapped as a designer good.

Daily Candy loves it! - Shoptalk
Discover Electronics is in the top 5 tech gifts.

Engadget Holiday List - Fun stuff
Discover Electronics made the cut of holiday must have tech stuff.

Geekdad - Wired's daddy blog
Geekdad reviews the Discover Electronics kit.

I Heart Switch - Kit review
I heart switch recommends Discover Electronics.

Maker Faire SF - San Mateo Fairgrounds
Come by and say Hi to us at the Maker Faire in San Mateo.

Boing Boing - Discovers our kits
Phil Torrone came to the Lab to meet with us and get to know all about the Discover Electronics kit.

Best of Make - Sparkle Labs made the cut
We are honored to be in the Best of Make! After two years, MAKE has become one of most celebrated new magazines to hit the newsstands, and certainly one of the hottest reads.

Make Vol. 9 - Micro Part 3
In Part 3, We built on our readers previous knowledge from Part 2.

China Exhibition - 2nd Annual Art and Science Exhibition
We were invited to exhibit at the 2nd International Art and Science Exhibition and Symposium in Beijing, China.

Make Vol. 7 - Micro Programming Part 2: Hello World
The second article in our series for Make on Microcontroller programming.

Design Ranch - Interactive Textiles
We gave a workshop at AIGA Austin's Design Ranch with Decoder Ring.

Make Vol. 4 - Micro Part 1
For Volume 4, we started our Primer series of microcontroller programming.

ID Magazine - Mighty Materials 2005
ID magazine wrote about us in their Mighty Materials issue in 2005.

Make Vol. 3 - Silicone Molding
Make Magazine is a great quarterly from O'Reilly Publishing.

Gwang Ju Design Biennale - Gwang Ju, Korea
We were invited to Korea to exhibit at the the Design Biennale.

Ubicomp - Ubiquitous Computing Conference
The international Ubiquitous Computing Conference is held once a year.

TKNY - Tokyo-New York design
TKNY is a showcase of cutting edge design from Japan and the US.