The ability to design and create your own working, electronic gadgets is now within reach. Creating a hardware device or interactive sculpture involves many skills. Programming, electronic circuit design, interface design, and fabrication, to name a few.

In this class we will learn the basics you need to create your own devices by taking a project from beginning to end. We will create an interactive night light. Our light will have an Arduino for a brain, a light sensor, a touch sensor, as well as several LEDs.

This will be a studio class where we will learn by doing. The final form the light takes can be set by you or you can follow one of the provided, pre-set patterns. We will begin by learning some basic electronics. We will learn basic programming with the Arduino and then create the final circuit and design the user interface. Finally we will build the exterior and put it all together.

In the end you will have an interactive light that you can expand by adding sensors, buttons, speakers and other components. You will also have an understanding of how an interactive device is created.

Materials for the class can be purchased in the shop.


The Orgone Radiator
This light captures natural orgone radiation during the day, concentrates it and projects it outwards at night.
It features two RGB LEDs that both cycle through the rainbow.


Some of the areas we will cover include:

IF statements

Volts, Amps, Ohms
Resistors, LEDs

Reading schematics
Basic circuits

Arduino development environment

Using a solderless breadboard

Creating a hardware interface with a single button

Laser cutting and building an acrylic enclosure

You can create one of these two night lights using the supplied patterns. They can be easily customized. Or you can create your own enclosure for the light.


ExoSample W1439
Collected by an intergalactic botanist who was taken in by a suburban family after s/he was accidentally stranded here, the ExoSample W1439 biolumenesces with the strange glow of its native sun.

This light features 6 LEDs in 3 colors; teal, pink, and blue.


Templates are provided for these two lights or you can create your own design.

Materials for the class can be purchased in the shop.
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